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Colonna Coffee

Colombia El Zacatin Chiroso - 150g

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Cultivated at 2100 MASL, this naturally processed Chiroso variety offers a vibrant acidity with a complex, sweet profile highlighted by red berries and vanilla.

Resting high on the western slopes of the Cordillera mountains, overlooking the beautiful Cauca river valley, El Zacatin has become a beacon of exceptional specialty coffee in the Antioquia region of Colombia.

Selective handpicking and quality sorting precede a thorough fermentation process for the Chiroso variety, known for its larger cherries reminiscent of the Gesha. The cherries undergo 24 hours of aerobic fermentation in tanks, followed by a 24-hour sealed anaerobic fermentation. Following this, the coffee cherries are spread on raised beds for a 30-day drying period, reducing their moisture content to 11% before they are prepared for export.