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Colonna Coffee

Decaf E.A. Tolima - 250g

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This decaf displays a juicy body and a deep finish, showcasing the distinctive qualities of Colombian Tolima coffee.

Tolima Decaf originates from the Andean region of Colombia, where coffee cultivation is a primary agricultural activity. Utilising the Ethyl Acetate (EA) decaffeination process, which employs a natural compound from sugarcane, this coffee is decaffeinated while preserving its inherent flavours. This method ensures the coffee's profile reflects the unique taste characteristics distinct to the Tolima region, famous for its diverse growing conditions and rich coffee culture.

Cultivated in the varied climates and altitudes of Tolima, each batch undergoes meticulous quality control. The gentle nature of the EA decaffeination process, aligned with traditional hand-picking and pulping practices, maintains the integrity of the coffee's flavour.