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Colonna Coffee

Brazil Dom Viçoso Natural - 250g

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Featuring Yellow Catuai, Yellow Bourbon, and Red Catucai varietals, processed naturally at 1000 – 1600 MASL, this juicy Brazil displays a prolonged acidity and sweet finish.

Grown in Dom Viçoso, Minas Gerais, this coffee benefits from the selective picking of cherries and their natural drying on brick or concrete patios. Post-drying, cherries are milled and taken to the Cocarive warehouse in Carmo de Minas for laser sorting and packaging for export. This methodical approach ensures the highest quality of beans, reflecting the expertise of Cocarive in representing the region's specialty farms.

The region is renowned for its specialty coffees, achieving notable scores in the Cup Of Excellence, attributed to the exceptional water quality from the mineral-rich Circuito das Aguas.