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/040 Ecuador — F1, 300g

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San Antonio is a small off-beaten area within the Loja province of Ecuador.

Loja, located in the southern part of Ecuador, is known for its high-quality coffee and rich gastronomic culture. Coffee cultivation in Loja occupies a significant part of the province as it is one of the leading coffee-producing hubs of Ecuador. The bountiful biodiversity and an abundance of different microclimatic conditions resulting from the presence of the Amazon rainforest, the Andes mountain range, the Pacific coast and the Galapagos Islands, encourage the cultivation of all commercial coffee varieties. Loja’s local culture has a strong coffee influence; it is said that the floating aroma of freshly brewed coffee is a defining aspect of the local culture.

Apart from coffee cultivation, Loja is known for its music, arts, cultural heritage and celebrations, colonial architecture and the Podocarpus National Park.

Coffee associations and cooperatives among other institutions, along with agriculturists dedicated to coffee cultivation and export, have elevated coffee’s status within the agricultural output as an important contributor to Ecuador’s economy.

This is one of those coffees that we believe is like art.
You need to kinda understand it, take your time before you find what’s really behind it. Because if you rush it, you won’t see the beauty of it.
Truly a mystery coffee that is a diva to brew, but once you find that (tiny) sweet spot in a brew you will find a gorgeous balanced cup with raspberry notes, lemongrass and a clean black tea experience.

If you miss it, you will be disappointed. If you hit it just right, it will blow your mind that this is a F1 hybrid.